Integrated voice processor


Discover the endless possibilities to manipulate and design your own voices

Voice Synth is a professional live voice processor and music synthesizer played by your voice. With the vast set of integrated tools including Vocoders, Auto Pitch, Harmonizing Pitch Shift and Speed-Shift Sampling, you can create incredible new voices, choirs, rhythms, sounds and soundscapes, based on your own unique voice. Speak, sing, hum and beatbox in the mic, to turn your voice live into a baby or tenor, a popstar on AutoPitch, a robot from Cylon to iDalek, a church or close harmony choir, animals from birds to dogs and lions, musical instruments from organs, guitars and a groovy bass to percussions and rich 70's vocoders, amazing effects and ambient, lush string/storm soundscapes. To get you started, we included over 250 factory presets!

All about voice
Transform your voice Live as you speak or record in the Sampler and replay with keyboard. Two play modes:
• Live Mode (including Live Pause)
• Sampler Mode
Audio Units V3
Integrate Voice Synth in your DAW
• Audio Unit v3 support: instrument and effect, both midi-controllable
• Full User Interface (same as stand-alone app)
• Supports automatic resizing of Audio Unit window
• Automation of most parameters in DAW
• Supports stereo and mono, 11-192 kHz
• Presets shared among Audio Units and stand-alone app  
Three voice modes included:
• Natural: recreates your own voice
• Robot: no intonation, extra harmonics
• Breath: hiss-like voice
Vocoder Designer
Tools to design your own vocoder:
• 4 oscillators: Sine, Square, Triangle/Sawtooth, Noise
• 3 x Clip, Harmonics, Skew, Width, Smooth and Filter
• Additive, Maximum and Multiplicative Wave Synthesis
• Multiplicator Phase Speed and Sync
• Test Mode to bypass voice (use Designer as a synthesizer)
• Voice / Vocoder Mixer
• 4 Vocoders
• 2 x 32 bit at 44.1 Khz
• 24 band
• 5th order filters
• All effects applied live
Pitch Tracker
Pitch tracker to alter your pitch:
• Auto: always sing in tune
• Reverse: reversing pitch
• Double: doubling of pitch
• Normal: follow your pitch
• Off: fixed robotic pitch
• Musical Scale Shift and keys
Formant Shifter
Adapts voice spectrum
• Range from -1 to +1 octave
• Changes headsize from child to giant
Pitch and Scale shifter
Manually shifting pitch and musical scale:
• Pitch Shift: 8 octaves, chromatic and harmonized
• Scale Shift: all 12 scales arranged in a circle of 5ths
• Set own Scale Mode and quick scales: Major, Minor, Harmonic, Pentatonic, Diminished and Augmented
Strobo and Slew
Special Stroboscopic Vocoder Gating and Slew Rate.
Produces sounds like plucked strings, wind, thunder and storms
Classic FX
• Auto Gain 0-30dB
• Auto Clip distortion
• Stereo Panning
• Delay: loop, time and mix
• Stereo Chorus: depth, speed and mix
• Reverb: time and mix
Automatic note sequencer. Controls:
• Trigger: None, First Key, Any Key, Sample Play & Loop
• Chord: Keyboard and Registers
• Pattern: Up, Down, Up Down and Down Up
• Octaves: 1, 2, 3 and 4
• Speed (1Hz 60 BPM - 20Hz 1200 BPM)
• Gate (1% - 100%)
Record phrases in the Visual Editor:
• Loop and Start Mode settings
• Trigger tools: Play, Loop Release and Stop
• Record, play and stop
• Play Direction and Sample Speed
• Import from iOS pasteboard and iCloud
• Unlimited sample banks
• 24 band adjustable equalizer
• Set levels in one swipe
• 10 Quick Presets: Low and High Boost, Loudness, Tube, Low and High Pass, Damper, Telecom, Tunnel and Flat
Presets Library
• Over 250 factory presets included
• Quick access & easy storage of unlimited user presets
• Usage Mode, type and Favourite sorting
• Export and Import presets via pasteboad and iCloud
• Random Preset generator
Keyboard and Registers
• Keyboard size: iPad 2,5 octave / iPhone 1,5 octave
• Mono, Polyphonic and Hold settings
• 49 Registers across 4 octaves
• Quick keyboard shift: +/- 3 octaves
Noise Gate
Supress unwanted noise during a performance. Remove background noise, crosstalk from other signal sources and low-level hum
• Manual and Auto Gating
• Adaptive Noise Reduction
Audio Routing
Connect with other audio creation apps and control Input and Output sources
• Full Audio Unit v3 support: instrument and effect
• Background Audio on/off
• Input/output gain trimming
• Bluetooth speaker support
Full Midi support
• Source Selection: apps, network and all sources
• Channel select: 1-16 and all channels
• Bluetooth midi support
Convenience Tools
• Sync Mode: synchronizing of Arpeggiator, Strobo Vocoder and Delay Time
• Mic Thru: quick sneak peek of original mic source
• Engine Reset: quick clearing of engine sound
• Intro Sound on/off
• For visually impaired: VoiceOver
Record and Share
Record and share your performance via Tapes
• Replay, Stop, Pause, Fast forward and rewind
• Export Lossless WAV
• Export encoded AAC: 64, 128 and 256 kbps
• Share on e.g. iCloud, messaging apps and email
• Unlimited recording of tapes
iOS Voice Synth v5:
• iOS 10.3 and higher
• For Audio Unit usage the DAW must support Audio Units

MacOS Voice Synth v5:
• MacOS 10.13 and higher
• For Audio Unit usage the DAW must support Audio Units V3 (not V2)

Screenshot iPhone / iPod

Screenshot iPhone / iPod

Screenshot iPad / Mac

Screenshot iPad / Mac



Voice Synth on iOS

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